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See OrderLaunchr from NYN on Fox News

Fox 2 News Detroit recently spoke with NYN about OrderLaunchr, our new custom app that gives restaurant owners the ability to set accept orders and payments online without paying a commission on each order. Watch the video below to see the report from Fox:

We developed OrderLaunchr to help restaurants save money during these difficult times, and provide them with a great online ordering option that’s easy for them and their customers to use. Many other services charge a commission fee on each order, even when it’s a pick-up order, making OrderLaunchr from NYN a great alternative that can save restaurants money.

OrderLaunchr can be linked directly to a website, or can work as a standalone service with no need for another website. Menus can be simple or complex to fit the needs of the restaurant, and our custom system makes it easy to manage the menu, prices, restaurant information, custom messages and more. This app is available for both Canadian and U.S. customers, so restaurants on both sides of the border can take advantage of this commission-free option.

To learn more about how you can get online quickly with OrderLaunchr, click the link below or contact us today. OrderLaunchr is just one of the many custom apps developed by NYN - reach out and find out what we can develop for your business.


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